Main Course

Green Masala Mutton

By S Ralph (TGF)


1kg Mutton cleaned cooked in cooker with 4-5 whistle I added salt as per taste 1/2tsp turmeric powder and chicken cube to it

one bunch coriander leaves green chillies as per ur spice 3tblsp ginger garlic paste 2tbsp tamrin paste 2tbsp Jeerem Meerem Masala or u may used any gram masala powder one onion cut in cubes grind all to fine paste with little water

I fried one sliced onion with oil to light brown then added 2tbsp vineger to it then added the boiled mutton only … keep the stock aside … fry for 2-3mins then add the masala to it and the stock of the mutton … adjust ur gravy thickness… check ur salt..
Let it boil nicely for 7-8mins or till the gravy is cooked..thats it